I am a what?!?!

This is something I have been thinking about for a really long time…
I have a lot of nicknames and been called a LOT of names throughout the years. Everything from “four eyes” to all the fat names: lazy, chubby, chunky… My oh so loving uncle called me *pleasantly plump* once… Some of my favorite names I get called are: girl, TJ, sunshine, angel, bestie… Among others…Because they were all given to me by people who call me these things with Love. Also often get called an overachiever, a rock star, a runner, a role model?!?! And recently… I got called an athlete… By two people who don’t even know me….me? Yes me! These names do not describe all of who I am….I am also… Daughter, sister, cousin, niece… Co-worker and friend. One of the best things I am is Auntie to 5 of the coolest kids on this planet. I am also… A bill collecter, babysitter, weight watchers leader… Etc.

The point of this is to make us all stop and think about who you are. You are more than your past..; more than your name.., more than a number on a scale. More than the job we have (the ones we even like). More than the bank accounts we have…. It’s really about the person you are on the inside that matters…

Here is Something my pastor says often “You always act like the person you believe yourself to be”.

Who do YOU believe YOU are?!?

Ps… I hope this makes sense.. Blogging on the stationary bike 😉


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