Today I am feeling…. List-y (yep, I know it’s not a word)

There are a few things I have learned over this journey of losing weight and I am going to tell you a few now:

1. There is no short cut. No quick fix. Lifestyle change is required!
2. not gonna tell you it’s easy… But totally worth it.
3. I know for me it’s a daily thing. To make good choices. It’s a battle. Sometimes I win… Sometimes I lose. My goal is to win more days than I lose.
4. It’s really easy to compare yourself to others: DON’T!
5. Believe in yourself… When no one else does… And lean on others when you need.
6. Don’t go it alone… Find someone… A group, a friend… Someone.. Who can be there for you
7. Don’t quit. Ever. Not an option. Sure.. You may fall off track. Get back on. End of story. No excuses
8. What works for someone else… May not work for you. Figure out what works for you and… DO IT!
9. It really is all about the little things. One day (or meal or snack) at a time.
10. Giving up the negative self talk is key! This I know… But still struggle with. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend… Beating yourself up has zero value. Don’t do it. (Yes… This one is specifically written for me)
11. Create an environment that sets yourself up for success. Get rid of the peanut butter… Ice cream and little Debbie’s (oops, that’s for me again). You simply can’t eat what’s not in the house!
12. Prioritize yourself… You are worth it. And it’s doable!
13. Set goals. Make them realistic and attainable.
14. Move your body 😉 working out has been key to my success. Start somewhere. Do something. Just move! Find something you enjoy and run with it… Hehe. Maybe not literally run. Or maybe! If you need help with I can help!
15. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. (K. That’s probably a lie) but think about it. Is it worth it?!?!
16. For me… Moderation is key! Sure I can have pizza… Just it all the time.
17. Planning ahead has also saved me from making lots of bad choices… Sometimes I just need to remember that!
18. Strive for progress… Not perfection.
19. I know for me, I didn’t get over weight overnight… So I don’t know why I expected to lose it overnight. It is an epic journey. Embrace it!

Well I could go on… But my plasma donation Is over. Some things for you to think about! Make it a great day and make good choices!


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