I’m the what?!?!

Halloween…. A holiday that’s main focus is candy?!? Yep! For a girl with a huge sweet tooth this holiday comes with a lot of temptation. When I am surrounded by temptation… I am going to be real honest I don’t always handle it very well. And I know this going in….so it leads to a lot of anxiety sometimes. Ask the people that are in my life…. I freak out a tidge. Okay. So there is a Halloween party at my dad’s house every year. This year was no different. And yes I was anxious. Last year, as I have mentioned, I was 3 lbs from my tattoo weight. (Which i have since hit and am working real hard to not screw it up) last year I remember leaving feeling sick to my stomach from the candy and stuff. And not just last year but every year bacially… It’s what I do. Correction: it’s what I have done in the past.

Here is a picture if the candy table…. And I didn’t even take a picture of the desserts… Cookies, cake, cheese cake…. You know. A table full!!!


Wait I gotta back up. So last weeks weight watchers topic was called you version 2.0. Becoming the you…. You want to be. I want to be someone who doesn’t have anxiety over something that should just be fun… But I wasn’t sure how to pull that off. So, I was freaking out to a friend about the temptations and his response was real simple ‘you’re the boss” is what he told me. I just laughed and said “have you met me?!?!” He reminded me that the chocolate is NOT the boss… I am. Well fast forward to prepping this weeks meeting…. Reading through the material I come across a simple 3 word sentence “you’re the boss”…. Huh. Funny. I feel like I have heard that before. So I promptly told him to stop writing the weight watchers material and to get out of my head. Well… Funny thing…. I actually started to believe that I am the boss. And turns out I won! I left the party having elated ZERO pieces of candy. I had one desert but I accounted for that. Funny thing… I actually lost weight at my Tuesday morning weigh in! Today’s weight was the lowest weight I have been EVER!!! Check it out. I do got this and I AM THE BOSS. Wanna here a secret….. So are YOU!!! Let’s not let the food define us. Sure have a treat… Indulge here and there… But don’t forget who the boss is!



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