You don’t know me….

So I struggled with writing this blog all day. I don’t want to come off wrong and I do to want to copy a very well written an truthful blog written by my good friend Celeste. But this is something that I encounter on a regular basis and today I, for some reason, was rubbed the wrong way by a well intentioned cashier at SA. I have boiled it down to a few take away points that I hope will be helpful to me and others.

Here’s the story…

I often will stop at Super America on my way to work. I buy two things: a cappuccino and a banana. The same cashier is working pretty much every day. Today he says “just the coffee and the banana?” like every other time I have made this transaction. I said yup. He goes “starting your New Years resolution early this year huh”… My comeback was pretty classic (and maybe a little smart alecky for 7:30 am) I must say. I go “actually I am trying to keep off the 81 lbs I lost”… Pretty sure his jaw hit the floor. And I went on my merry way. I couldn’t help but think a few things. (And I really don’t know why I let this bother me today…but I did, so I am getting it off my chest and this is my blog so I can do what I want LOl) first of all my thought was… Does this guy think I need a New Years resolution!?!?! Are you calling me fat?!?! And my second thought was my healthy lifestyle decisions have nothing to do with resolutions… I attempt to make good choices all year. It’s not easy. It’s a DAILY struggle! Every meal, every snack, every food decision I make it a struggle somedays. Btw. I have to walk passed the doughnuts to get that banana.

Here were my take away thoughts: you (I) don’t know what people are going through… Or what they struggle with. Everyone is fighting a battle. Be kind and motivating always. You don’t know when I kind word or even a smile will change someone’s day.

Don’t take things to personally. Of course he wasn’t calling me fat. He was just commenting on my healthy choices… I get that.

Don’t judge people. For example…Only I know how much work and struggle and kicking and screaming… And doing the right thing when I don’t want to and sacrifice that goes into being where I am. Sometimes it sucks. But all in all it’s worth it.

If you take anything away from this babble… It’s this. Keep being awesome. Don’t let the negativity get you down. And above all… Be nice to you and the people around you. (Of course these are all things I am working on as well)

Until next time.
Make good choices


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