Find a way

Okay. So I went for a run today… And you know what happens when I run?!? I think. Today’s thought was just as the title states. Find a way. Going to preface this by saying first of all that I am not perfect and can be one of the best excuse makers I know. And second of all the irony that it is taking for me to write this makes me giggle. My internet is down at home so I am literally sitting in he Starbucks at Target writing this. Know why?!?! Cuz I found a way 😉

Let me set up the run for you… It was a cold, drizzly 37 degree day in Minnesota. I really just wanted to run and I wanted to be outside. Cold and drizzly are two of my go to excuses for not running. Today I found a way and enjoyed every minute! Will upload the pictures I took when I find a way to do that lol.

So here is goes. I have heard this quote a billion times:

Think about it. It’s true in all areas of life. Today I was thinking about busting my own excuses. Making excuses is NOT going to get me any closer to my goals. But first I need to recognize the difference between an excuse and a reason. Sometimes I am so good as justifying my excuses I have myself believing they are reasons. Sometimes I need someone to point out he difference once in awhile. But at the end of the day I realize that I am the one responsible for my own destiny.

Being a weight watchers leader I have heard all sorts of excuses as well as my own.
Healthy eating is too expensive
I work 4 jobs… How do you want me to focus on eating right and working out (oh…wait that one is mine)
You don’t know my situation
I can’t workout
I don’t like to workout
I don’t know what to eat
I don’t know how much to eat
I don’t like fruits and vegetables
It’s just to hard
I have failed in the past
I just can’t
Enter your excuse here….

Here is the bottoms line. FIND A WAY
Figure it out. Find something you like to do… And do it. Start somewhere. Little changes make a big difference. You need help?!?! ASK! Ask me… Ask someone. Google it. If it’s important you will find a way. Is it easy… NO. Is it worth it…. Yes. The answer is yes.

I felt like this message was so important that I’m sitting at target to make sure you got it before I forgot it. I found a way…and so can you! We got this! Make good choices!



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