Oops.. I did it… Again.

Starting a blog with a Britney Spears song.. Really Ton?!? Yep! Got in a battle with sweets and lost. I know where I went wrong. No one shoved them down my throat… I made the choice. Was it worth it?!? Probably not. This used to happen to me A Lot! I used to beat myself up about it. Today I took the energy that would take to be mad at myself and am working out instead. I felt the need to write about it… Because I get people telling me all the time that I can’t eat things. Or I don’t. Saying that I have such good self control… Or I am on a diet. Etc. I chose to eat healthy most of the times,… But it’s not always easy. Sometimes I struggle and that’s okay. Sometimes I eat myself into a stomach ache and vow to never eat anything ever again. Sometimes I freak out and have a panic attack about going on vacation because I will be out of routine and I don’t want to be thrown way off course. Then I just need to remind myself that I GOT THIS! I have come too far to give up. It’s worth it. And the point of life is to live… And not be obsessed about food. I cannot go back and take back all those food choices. I DO have control over my attitude and my current actions. Will not let this snowball into the new week. Tomorrow is a brand new freakin day! I plan on rocking it! And when I am on vacation next week…. I will do my best to not have anxiety over my choices. I will trust myself and enjoy my vacation. Period 😉


One thought on “Oops.. I did it… Again.

  1. Another good one. We’ve been beating ourselves up this weekend too. Time to start over and get back on track. See you Tuesday.

    Mary Schommer Sent from my iPad



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