Some Things I learned in NYC

Just got back from the most magical trip to see New York City at Christmas time. No one does Christmas like New York City!
My sister Jen and I went to celebrate her golden birthday at the end of December.

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That’s her. With her birthday dessert (that we shared)

As I mentioned before I usually go into a vacation in panic mode. This time I made a clear decision not to panic. The reason behind the panic mode is always food/ lack of exercise related. My pre New York decision was to not freak out. Eat what I want to and not really worry about working out. I was/ am willing to deal with the consequences of these decisions. I decided it was one vacation. I can (actually I already have) get back on track. The same can be said for the holidays. It’s just a few days. If you made good choices most of the time… One holiday or vacation will not derail you. Don’t let them. My head is totally on the game… And I think that is what helped me to not freak out. Also came to the screeching realization once again that when I eat like crap… I feel like crap. I am on day two of my stomach protesting my NYC decisions. So, where my brain was okay with it all… My body isn’t happy with it. Too much cheesecake, French fries, pizza (that was totally worth it!)….


And the list goes on. One day I had one of those giant soft pretzels for lunch. It’s true. I am sure in each of these situations I coulda made better choices… But I was on vacation mode. I was under the “vacation calories don’t count philosophy” and was perfectly okay with that.

Bottom line. Cut yourself a break. Live a little. Have fun. But get back on track. Can’t be in vacation/ holiday mode forever. I made better choices the last two days and got in two work outs. This is a photo from today’s “little” run…


The plan was to NOT beat myself up…. But to get back to my normal lifestyle.

We can totally do this. Merry Christmas… Be blessed. And make wise decisions…. Figure out if something is worth spending calories on before you eat it. That’s my holiday challenge for ya. Let me know how it goes. And you don’t have to wait til January 1 to change your life….the time is now!



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