20… What?!?!

I can not believe the year is about to be 2015. The time of the year where people start doing the New Years resolutions thing. I tend to be kind of goal oriented it turns out. So I just set goals when I see fit. I will write a blog about the year that was 2014 probably one of these days… But this is about the goal I have set up for January. A friend of mine ran a total of 100 miles in Novemeber… And It got me thinking… I wonder if I could do that. December was out of the question with the holidays and my trip to New York. So I decided I would shot for January. So here is my announcement to the world that I am attempting to run a total of 100 miles in January. I realize it’s only a little over 3 miles a day. No big deal…right?!?! Currently I don’t run everyday. I barely run once a week. Workout… For sure. But not consistent running. This will be a commitment. And a stretch but I am up for the challenge. My friend Celeste made me a calendar to track my mileage. She is awesome. She rocked the challenge… So I’m confident it can be done. I heard someone label this year 20-FIT-teen and I am stealing that! Let’s make this a happy and healthy year! We got this!



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