Time for a…. Pep talk!

Know why I write this blog? Because I need a place to come back to and be reminded of lessons that I have learned. And maybe help someone in the process. So here it goes. These are the thoughts I was thinking during my five mile run tonight. First, however, a little background, I am still struggling to find a balance between my increased workouts and eating what I know I need to be eating. I have mainly been eating two things: anything and everything. Lol. I’m sure I am not alone in this. I get to this “I wanna eat everything I can get my hands on” and I’m not exactly talking fruits and veggies here people…. Well. I was in a mood today. A “why can’t you figure it out and get your head in the game” lecture mood. A “I don’t wanna life weights cuz it’s dumb and boring” mood… And a “why can other people eat whatever they want and not care” mood. First of all I wanna say I am lucky to have someone who does not allow these moments to last long… He made me get my butt to the gym. While I was running something happened. I started to think about all sorts of reasons that couldn’t quit. I started to talk to myself like a friend and not someone I was trashing for poor decisions. I cut myself a little break and ran a little faster. Something more amazing happened when I got home from the gym… I didn’t eat anything and everything. I ate when I had planned… Well drank a protein shake (trying to work on getting more protein in my diet) and stopped. Wait a second… Stopping is an option. Well yes, yes it is. Must admit I felt pretty proud of me. It’s a daily struggle sometimes. Here are a few of today’s thoughts: I was looking for motivation to get to the gym. I realized that sometimes you just gotta do it. You’re not gonna always wanna do what you know needs to be done. Just do it. Not doing it isn’t an option. Think about how you will feel when you push through. Workouts you don’t wanna do are important. Just put one foot in front of the other. Builds character! You never know who you are inspiring. I know I have talked about this before but I was told by a 12 year old this week that I was more fit than she was. Made me feel good. Makes me feel good when people ask me about weight loss and working out. Meaning… I can’t quit. Gotta keep on keeping on. You have to be the hero in your own life. This journey is all about you. Sure you can have a support system (please do!!) but at the end of the day… No one can do it for you. You control what you eat and how much you move your body. It’s true. Was talking to a coworker about this very thing today. I really love seeing people succeed and as a weight watchers leader it’s kind of a passion of mine. I love it when my friends and family take control of their lives… But I can’t make people make changes. On that note… If you need someone in your support system… You have me!!


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