Sometimes you gotta take a moment….

Tuesday mornings are weigh in time in TonyaLand. Confession. I was ANGRY yesterday. Angry at the scale… But more importantly angry are ME. The scale showed an accurate representation of the choices I have been making. When I stepped on it I heard the scale say “Tonya, you can’t out exercise a poor diet” I wanted to keep being angry and beat myself up… But key people in my life basically told me to “Knock it Off” and “pull your head out of your butt”. I just needed to have a moment. A moment to reflect on where I went wrong but also how I can do better in the future. During this reflection I came to the conclusion that my anger stemmed from fear. Fear of getting fat. Fear of being unhealthy and unhappy. Scared because it was just a few weeks off my game and there was that big of a gain. I stumbled upon this quote in my Facebook feed and it hit me at just the right time…

The way I have decided to deal with this…. “Hiccup” in my journey is to acknowledge it happened. Take responsibility and MOVE ON. Don’t worry my friends. I still got this. I got goals to keep hitting. Just one day, week or even month can’t get me down. On that note… I’m going to keep on keeping on. Let’s do it together. If I can do it… So can you! Be healthy and make good choices!


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