Stressed spelled backwards is desserts… Coincidence?!? I think not…

Bored. Hungry. Tired. Stressed. Nervous. Overwhelmed. Free food. Reward. Sad. Lonely. Celebration. Just because.

Those are all reasons I have been known to eat. Oh.. And I suppose I eat because I am hungry too. I guess you can say I am an emotional eater. Why? Because food gets it. Food doesn’t judge and food understands. Oh and it tastes real good too. Is this a healthy habit… Of course not!!! The problems do not go away when the food is gone. The problems remain… And know what else is there?!?! Guilt for making poor choices. Bleh. Can be an endless cycle if you let it. Good news: you don’t have to let it. Food doesn’t control you. You are the boss!!
That’s why I’m blogging about it. So when I am tempted to fall into an emotional eating situation I can be reminded that food really isn’t the answer. Can I promise that it will not happen ever? Nope! Why? Cuz I am not perfect. That’s why. I have over the course of my journey learned to somewhat curb these emotional eating binges. I have learned to stop and ask “is this food really worth it” and have learned to budget my splurges into my life. I have turned to running or working out in stressful times. I rely on friends/ family (my amazing support system) when I’m feeling weak. I do things to keep my hands busy so I’m not tempted to fill my hands with food. I distract myself so I stop thinking about food. I try and deal with the issue rather than mask it with ice cream.
I have a good friend whose relationship with food is purely “food is fuel” and has a “eat to live … rather than a live to eat” mentality. I am not sure I will ever get there. I just like food to much. I have been able to find and maintain a balance…. But it’s still a struggle. A DAILY struggle. However hard it is/ has been to manage emotional eating…it is worth it! Feeling healthy and well is more important than the cupcake I didn’t eat on Monday. I. Gonna leave you with a couple of Pintrest quotes. Love me some Pintrest quotes… Yup. That’s good English 😉



Make it a great day…. And make good choices!!


One thought on “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts… Coincidence?!? I think not…

  1. Hi there! If you need some inspiration or help on how to manage your stress about food have a look at my blog and search for “5 minutes that will change your life”, it’s a perfect tool to deal with (any) stress on the fly 🙂 XXX let me know if it helps


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