What are you running from?!?!

I get asked a lot “why do you run?” And the answer is… There are a lot of reasons. And I know I have talked about some of them before. I hear it all the time “if you see me running you better run too because something is chasing me.” Truth is I see a lot of things chasing me. It might not be a Bear or a tiger or a bird (wait,.. That actually did happen… Birds will attact… But don’t worry it just makes you run faster) I am running from the fat girl I once was. Running from low self esteem. Running from bigger pants sizes.

Today while hitting the treadmill in Roanoke I had another thought. I am not not only running from something… I am running towards something. I am running towards the girl I want to be. I am running to a life that is full of health and wellness. Running towards higher self esteem. Running to find the fit girl in me. I am running towards proving myself and other people that thought I couldn’t do it…. Wrong.

Today something marvelous happened. I made the treadmill go faster than I’ve ever had it go before. Side note: I dislike the treadmill but I did it this morning with a smile even. Yup. I chose joy! Anyways. I remember the day I could t even do a 4.0 on the TM. Today I did 5+ minutes at 8.5. That’s not a typo people. It’s true. And it felt great. Not gonna lie! It’s all about making little tweaks in life.

Happy Monday. Make it a great week!


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