Attitude is everything…

confession: I am not perfect. Okay. That’s not a real revelation. Here’s the deal though. I have been struggling with my attitude more than I would like to admit. Here’s what happened on Saturday. I had absolutely nothing to be cranky about. I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted and plans to hang out with the boyfriend and my besties (which I was excited about). However apparently when I got dressed in the morning I out my cranky pants on. 

  Thinking maybe I need those ^^^^

I had an attitude that was simply no fun to be around. I knew that it was me and only me who could change out of my cranky pants. The worst part was that I was even crankier that I couldn’t shake this attitude. Lecturing myself for being cranky. Luckily I was able to shake it before hanging out with the besties… Unfortunately the boyfriend didn’t get so lucky. However… I’m pretty lucky that he puts up with me regardless. It was still in the back of my mind though as far as why I choose to be so cranky and made a conscience effort to not wear those pants on Sunday. Well, as if Pator Brian was reading my thoughts… the topic of the message on Sunday at church was about making lemonade. Watch the message here if you are interested. The topic was a bit broader, about when life is knocking you around and handing out lemons. How to react and make the best out of it. I…. Brought it down to smaller scale and took a “make lemonade” every single day. Let me tell you the rest of Sunday was fantastic. I was in a good mood from the moment I left church. I went for a walk later in the day and…. This happened:  

 got me a little DQ mini blizzard. Decided to keep walking to burn off a few of those calories… And then Mother Nature decided to see how good I was going to do this “make lemonade” thing. I was over a mile away from home and it started legitimately raining. I couldn’t help but smile. I embraced the rain and enjoyed it. (Had this happened Saturday I can promise I would have reacted differently. Much differently). When I got home I looked like this:  

  Drown rat. Soaked. But smiling. Choosing the smile felt better. No lie. Here’s where it gets real. It’s Wednesday now and I have been in and out of making lemonade and having a sour attitude all week. Work in progress I guess. That’s why I’m writing this. As a reminder that it really is up to me how I view things. My choice how I react. And only I can choose my attitude. Choosing Joy is what I strive for. Whether or not I always do it… It another story. My day really is a whole lot more enjoyable when I choose to keep the cranky pants In The closet. Progress, not perfection…. Right?!? Thanks to all my people for putting up with me. Let’s make some lemonade 😉