100ish things that I am thankful for 

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on what we are thankful for. A few years back a friend of mine started listing 100 things she is thankful for every November. She has published her list… And it reminded me that I should do the same. I love this idea. Try it!

 So…. In no particular order… Here is Tonya’s 2015 thankful for list: 

  1. My family. They love me for who I am. And made me as crazy as I am. Love them!
  2. My coworkers. Most of them.
  3. Vacations!!! 🏝🌇
  4. My job. It pays for my vacations! 
  5. Running
  6. Running shoes
  7. Cupcakes
  8. My cell phone📱
  9. Social media
  11. my scrapbook room
  12. My nephews and my niece. Love them all: Parker, Carter, Kiersten, Hunter and Easton.
  13. My mother. My rock. My friend. 
  14. My siblings!
  15. 🎶🎶🎶Music. 🎶🎶🎶
  16. Coloring books
  17. Movies
  18. Treadmills. Even though sometimes I hate it!
  19. My health
  20. My scooter!
  21. Reset buttons. Sometimes the day just needs a do over. 
  22. Books📚
  23. Blogs
  24. Heartbeats
  25. Sunsets
  26. Beaches🏖
  27. Palm trees 🏝
  28. Water. Lakes, rivers, streams, oceans.
  29. H2O
  30. Thoughts
  31. Words
  32. Giggles
  33. Smiles😎
  34. Laughter
  35. My support system. You know who you are!
  36. Airplanes✈️
  37. My car. I want a new one but this one works for now…🚗
  38. My bank account. 💰
  39. My 401k. I remember fighting my mother that I didn’t want to do it. I am thankful that she pushed me to invest!
  40. Hairbrushes
  41. Children. They light up my life
  42. Meaningless silly conversations 
  43. Sweat
  44. Tickling 
  45. My brand new bed!!!🛌
  46. My five senses 
  47. Inside jokes
  48. My apartment 🏢
  49. Nicknames
  50. My wonderful boyfriend. He is kind of amazing.
  51. Naps!😴  
  52. Hoodies 
  53. Cuddling
  54. Bonfires🔥
  55. Rollerblades
  56. Sledding🌨
  57. Cookies🍪🍪
  58. Fat cat. 🐱
  59. Good days.
  60. Bad days. They make me appreciate the good days even more.
  61. Sunshine☀️
  62. Rainbows🌈
  63. Disney. 
  64. Races. 5k’s…. 10 k’s
  65. My creativity (sometimes)
  66. Spell check
  67. My faith✝
  68. Babies 
  69. Memories 
  70. Dancing💃🏻
  71. Hot tubs 
  72. Hugs 
  73. The seasons.
  74. Blankets
  75. Pillows
  76. Mountains🗻 
  77. Road trips🛣
  78. Chocolate 🍫
  79. Change
  80. My church⛪️
  81. Pictures📸
  82. The Green Bay packers 
  83. Umbrellas🌂
  84. Singing. And yes I know I can’t sing… But I do what I want to
  85. Trampolines
  86. Feeling like a kid
  87. Journaling📝
  88. Feelings
  89. Eye contact 👀
  90. Love ❤️
  91. Games🎲🎮🎳
  92. My randomness 
  93. People who refuse to give up on me
  94. Giraffes
  95. Alarm clocks 
  96. Pony tails
  97. Phone chargers
  98. Butterflies🐛
  99. The moon🌖
  100. Ice cream 🍨
  101. My fitbit and Nike plus app
  102. Pumpkin anything
  103. Holidays and traditions
  104. Hot showers
  105. Pizza 🍕
  106. Movie nights
  107. DVR
  108. Lotion 
  109. Jimmy Johns. Subway and extreme Pia
  110. The couch of awesome

Apparently I have an inability to count to 100. Really there are just so many things to be thankful for that I just couldn’t help myself. I did at one point read over the list and noticed cupcakes was on there twice. Lol. What can I say. 


2 thoughts on “100ish things that I am thankful for 

  1. And we are thankful for you. You gave us a great start but we’re still fighting the battle. Thanks, Tonya!

    Mary Schommer Sent from my iPad



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