Gimme a break…

Now that I have got your attention.. and quite possible the Kit Kat jingle in your head (you’re welcome). Here is thoughts that have been brewing in the wonderfully complex brain of Tonya as of recent. I have actually been experiencing a little blog withdrawl… it’s been 12 days since I added wisdom (or ramblings) to the blog world. So here goes. As you all know I am on a mission to run 100 miles in January. Well, Just a quick update. I am RoCkInG it! As of today I am at 86 miles. And have a plan on how to get the rest of them in before Scrapbook Camp. Well, Here is what happened on Wednesday. I was feeling nothing short of exhausted. My body was like “okay, Ton… you have ran enough I can’t run another step let alone mile” I wanted to run.. like in my mind I had a goal to hit. I also had other stuff to do at the gym. Apparently my exhaustion was apparent and was told to take a rest day. A WHAT!?!? I can’t.. Not now. Are you ILL?!? are you kidding me?! these are all things I either thought or said.  Well contrary to my desire to just run regardless.. I took it easy and called it a rest day. I took a BREAK!?!? huh. Interesting concept. I actually took off Wednesday and Thursday. Funny Part… I felt better the next day. More energy and more gumption. Here is the bottom line. You deserve a break. Maybe it’s a break from running, or whatever your workout of choice is. Maybe you made poor choices at Pizza Ranch (oh..wait..that was me) and instead of giving yourself a lecture.. you give yourself a break. Maybe you didn’t hit a goal you were striving for in your perfect little time frame… I don’t know what it is… Just..Gain a renewed focus and do better tomorrow. Maybe your life is super scheduled and you feel like you are pulled in a billion directions. Take a break. Relax. read a book… watch a movie. DO NOTHING. it’s okay. Healthy even. Take care of you mentally and physically. Why? Cuz you are worth it. That’s why. Life isn’t perfect and may not be exactly as you thought it would be. It’s OKAY. Give yourself a break and make this the best life… you really only get one. Make it matter.



I’m the what?!?!

Halloween…. A holiday that’s main focus is candy?!? Yep! For a girl with a huge sweet tooth this holiday comes with a lot of temptation. When I am surrounded by temptation… I am going to be real honest I don’t always handle it very well. And I know this going in….so it leads to a lot of anxiety sometimes. Ask the people that are in my life…. I freak out a tidge. Okay. So there is a Halloween party at my dad’s house every year. This year was no different. And yes I was anxious. Last year, as I have mentioned, I was 3 lbs from my tattoo weight. (Which i have since hit and am working real hard to not screw it up) last year I remember leaving feeling sick to my stomach from the candy and stuff. And not just last year but every year bacially… It’s what I do. Correction: it’s what I have done in the past.

Here is a picture if the candy table…. And I didn’t even take a picture of the desserts… Cookies, cake, cheese cake…. You know. A table full!!!


Wait I gotta back up. So last weeks weight watchers topic was called you version 2.0. Becoming the you…. You want to be. I want to be someone who doesn’t have anxiety over something that should just be fun… But I wasn’t sure how to pull that off. So, I was freaking out to a friend about the temptations and his response was real simple ‘you’re the boss” is what he told me. I just laughed and said “have you met me?!?!” He reminded me that the chocolate is NOT the boss… I am. Well fast forward to prepping this weeks meeting…. Reading through the material I come across a simple 3 word sentence “you’re the boss”…. Huh. Funny. I feel like I have heard that before. So I promptly told him to stop writing the weight watchers material and to get out of my head. Well… Funny thing…. I actually started to believe that I am the boss. And turns out I won! I left the party having elated ZERO pieces of candy. I had one desert but I accounted for that. Funny thing… I actually lost weight at my Tuesday morning weigh in! Today’s weight was the lowest weight I have been EVER!!! Check it out. I do got this and I AM THE BOSS. Wanna here a secret….. So are YOU!!! Let’s not let the food define us. Sure have a treat… Indulge here and there… But don’t forget who the boss is!