Well isn’t that funky?!?’

Well isn’t that funky?!?’

So…. I have to be honest. Been struggling a bit lately with having my head in the game as far as eating right goes for the past 2ish weeks. Luckily I have a super awesome support group that recognizes and gives me a swift kick in the booty and helps me get out of my funk. Well, I decided today that my funk needed to end. Figured I won’t ever get to be where I wanna be if I don’t keep moving forward.

I am working my way toward a butterfly tattoo to symbolize my weight loss journey. It will be a butterfly and will happen WHEN I hit 81 lbs total loss. I feel like a butterfly symbolizes a transformation that can not be reversed. My middle name happens to mean Butterfly also. And yes… There is even more meaning behind it… But for today’s moment to make sense…that’s probably all you need to know.

So… Here is what happened today:
Was going out for an In-between jobs run when I happen to notice a butterfly… I was like “thanks for the reminder God, I got this” and yes I realize seeing a butterfly isn’t all that big of a deal (I am all about the little things in life) but the very next thing I looked at was a city bus that happen to have the number… Wait for it… Yup.. 81 on the back. Crazy?!? I think so!!! Guess that cemented the end of my current funk huh?!? Also made me realize that not only do I care about the little things in life… God cares too. Cares about me and my little things too! What a great moment. Made me smile and energized my entire 5.5 mile run.

Final thoughts:
Quitting is not an option.
Enjoy the journey.
I am not finished.
God cares.
Thank your support group.
On bad day/ week/ month or year doesn’t make you a failure. Everyday is a new chance to start over.