Did that just happen?!?!

Did that just happen?!?!

So…. I just need to take a minute to write about my 10k today. So.. I set a goal for myself to finish the race in 57 minutes. With a stretch goal of 55 minutes (which really made me giggle when that thought even crossed my mind… But I was like…. that would be pretty cool if I could do that!). It was a beautiful morning in Minnesota and I couldn’t have been more excited. I felt really good going and and just knew it was going to go well. And guess what!?!?! It did! I crushed my goal and came within 14 SECONDS of my stretch goal. Official time was 55:14!!! Needless to say I was/ am kinda feeling on top of the world!

Now… I am not writing this to brag… It’s to share my recent thoughts while running. These have been reoccurring thoughts for the last several months so I figured someone needs to hear them… So here they are:

–don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. Everyone is different and everyone is unique. You are you… Embrace it!
–enjoy the journey! New places, new faces, new experiences
–Focus on little accomplishments! Fitting into a smaller pair of jeans is my favorite 😉
— thank your support group! I wouldn’t be where I am without being surrounded by people who believe in me (even when I have my doubts)
— give yourself a little credit. You might not be exactly where you want to be…but if you are taking steps in the right direction.. Acknowledge that and be proud.
— you never know who you are inspiring and how you are inspiring them. I get so much inspiration from the strangest places. In today’s race it was the girl with the butterfly tattoo (which has it’s own special meaning for me personally) that was trying to pass me (eventually she did and ended up getting 3rd place in our age group by 38 seconds!!!) but as not to dwell on that… I can chose to see it as inspiration to do better next time and still extremely proud of winning against my biggest competitor…ME! Ps. She will never know she inspired me…and that makes me wonder how many random people I inspire. All the people who I pass as they are eating their DQ as I am running by… Wonder if they are like “hey, if she can do it, maybe I can too?!?!” Guess we will never know.

Final thoughts: keep on keeping on! The journey to health and wellness is NOT easy (for me anyways) but let me assure you that it’s totally worth it! And we are all in this together! We need each other and together we can! I know it sounds cheerleader-y… And I’m okay with that! It’s how I roll 😉