SO.. I have a lot to say…. and be warned I am highly caffeinated. So read on with caution. But please read on because I think this is going to be good. I wish you could have seen the light bulb moment when this hit me. Let me set the scene for ya. I was running last night on the track at my gym when all of a sudden my jaw just dropped and I was would almost see the light bulb appear. So funny. And it’s really not that deep. But I think it is helpful for us to think about. Another important background piece is that the current series at Church is about seeds. Planting, growing, harvesting. These thoughts are planted in those messages. I am including the link if you want to watch the services online if you are interested in the biblical principles about seeds. It has been REALLY good.  okay. But my little blog is not about a biblical principle. It, like most things in my life, refers back to my weight loss journey. One of my passions in life has become living a healthy journey and helping others to do the same.

SO, here is my current light bulb moment thoughts.You don’t just wake up one day and decide you want to lose weight and the next day it’s gone. DUH, right?!? well. We sometimes approach it that way. I have heard/ said things like “swimsuit season is coming, better start losing weight” “Pants are getting tight, time to change something” you know. Class reunions, weddings the such. We want the quick fix. We want a short cut. Let me tell ya something. there isn’t a short cut. Like Pastor Brian has said a few times during this series that he doesn’t plan a tomato plant today and expect to be eating a BLT for dinner tomorrow.

So let’s think about seeds for a second. First thing is they are small right?!? I have found one of the main things that has really helped in my journey is the itty bitty little things. Small changes lead to big results. Also, as with seeds, Weight Loss takes time.  Not only that, the journey of all seeds are not the same. You can not compare the fruit of an apple seed to that of a tomato seed. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. This one might be a little stretch but the way I see it in my imagination is that attitudes is the soil for the weight loss journey seed. The right attitude will help that weight loss seed flourish. OOOH. and… storms! They will come. Trials, temptations, people trying to sabotage you. The seed uses those storms to provide as substance for growth. And one horrible bad day doesn’t kill the seeds… The other thing about time is that it is going to pass whether or not we are taking control of our health. Some days are going to be sunny and lovely and life seems easy and hunky dory… Others not so much. Hang I’m there. If you are going to enjoy the harvest (or flourish if you are a flower seed) you are gonna have to put in the time. Feed, water and treat yourself well. See how much it relates?!?! All I can hope is the next time you see a flower or a seed or a plant you see… You! Flourishing. And new. See the harvest inside the seed. You might not be able to see it… But it’s there. Just like I could never envision the butterfly I was about to become when I started. I also find as a leader at weight watchers it is easier for me to see the potential in someone than they can see in themselves. I have written about that before. Trust me. Trust the process and most importantly trust yourself.

Grow little seed of healthyness. Flourish. Be happy. And make good choices. It happens one little tiny itty bitty good choice at a time.

I hope you appreciated my caffeinated rambling… To the gym I go to run off a little of this energy 😉


You just never know who you are inspiring…..

SO…. Just the other day my friend Bonnie posted on FB this status:

This is the post that did it. This is the one that turned my head in the right direction. I have lost a lot of weight, but, you know, while the number of pounds I have lost over the years is impressive; there’s another number that I find even better: 12…. This is the number of inches I have lost around my waist since I read this post almost 3 years ago. How can you ever repay the person that has ultimately saved your life? I’ll tell you…12 more inches. Tonya Schwartz I love you!

So many thoughts. First of all… Bonnie Z (as I call her) is amazing. She has no idea how much of an inspiration she really is. I am sharing this story with her permission. I just can’t believe how much she has taken back control of her life…. from the inside out. I mean really! I told her that status just about made me cry and made me wanna give her a hug.. BTW I still owe you a hug my friend! I share her to story to inspire you. You really never know how much of an impact what you say and do has. For example just today I was told I was “tiny” by a person I do not even know. Me? really? huh… interesting 😉 but it made my day. What can you do with your life that will inspire someone? I had NO CLUE that one little note posted on Facebook would have such and impact….but man am I glad I took the time to share my thoughts (or ramblings for that matter). Sooo. Do what you do, keep being who you are… you just never know whose life you might change!  Below I have posted a comparison photo of where Bonnie started and where she is today. 198 lbs lighter. yes you read that right 198! She is a rock star in my book! I also am sharing the FB note that she says started it all

Who inspires you? One who inspires me is Bonnie Z!


Here is what I posted on Facebook Jan 3 2012: (edited for some horrible spelling/ grammar errors I couldn’t leave in there)

So, it’s that time of year again… Time to reflect on the year that 2011 was and the year that you want 2012 to be… Also a time that people make New Years Resolutions. I just figured I would take a minute to throw out a word of encouragement to my Facebook people who may be making weight loss goals this year. I, myself, have been on a weight loss journey for over 10 years now… So I have a little knowledge on the subject 🙂 I am not where I want to be, but am far (75 lbs or so) from where I once was.  So here is some of what I learned…

First of all. Diets don’t work.  Actually I didn’t diet. Diets don’t make sense to me… If you go on a diet… it is something you can come off of… I needed to make permanent changes in my eating habits. I chose a program I could follow that taught me what to eat. It’s about healthy eating choices, and not depriving yourself. I can still eat pizza, ice cream… French fries… whatever I want! It’s about portions and choices. I also learned (the hard way) that I needed to be tracking what I was eating.  I hate… really hate… writing down what I eat. Know why?!? Cuz then I have to see it! And that makes me accountable for what I put in my mouth. Know why its such a big part of the Weight Watchers program.. cuz it works!! Also Its about making small changes. What I first had my “Wow, I really need to do something about my weight” moment, I didn’t go change every one of my bad behaviors overnight. I changed one thing at a time.  Also realize that the weight did not come one overnight.. and will not just fall off overnight (I hate to tell ya that…)

In all honestly when I first started my journey the whole eating right thing was a bit overwhelming, so i started working out.  At that point i was intimidated by a gym and I didn’t know how to workout, so I joined Curves.  (I have since gained the knowledge and confidence to go to a “real” gym)…. but it was a starting place. It was about doing something. Moving my body. Its kinda funny to look back and see how things have changed… I used to hate running!  HATE it!! there is a reason that I put that all in caps. I’m not joking. All through elementary and high school I would come up with reasons…okay excuses.. that i couldn’t run.  Now, I can say that I am a runner. I compete in 5ks.. I crave it when i haven’t done it in a while. I just really like how it makes me feel.  Ps. I NEVER thought i would say those words… but its true.  Also, when I started running I could barely make it 30 seconds at a 4.0 on the treadmill. (not an exaggeration)  Compared to now when I do between 5.5-6.0 for about a half hour to 45 minutes! It’s so great to see how things have changed. And I haven’t been running very long.. 2 years maybe?! BTW the program I followed was the couch to 5k program. I highly recommend you google it if your interested 🙂 But honestly, it doesn’t have to be running. Find something you like to do and do it. Sports, swimming, walking, lifting weights (which i also hate), dance, play a sport…whatever. Just find something and Do it!!

My next lesson… set goals. Realistic…attainable goals.  Had I started my journey and said I need to lose 75 lbs..and I need to do it in one year…I would have quit.  Now I Probably could have worked harder and done it a littler faster…but I am a slow learner 🙂  I am actually very proud of how long I have been able to maintain and stabilize my weight. Also, Don’t focus too much on the scale. I used to be obsessive about weighing myself and drove myself (and my sister) crazy.  Measure success in other ways. . . How your jeans fit… How you feel… you know other things..  Reward yourself for hitting goals and try not to get frustrated if its taking longer than you would like. Keep trying! Btw, when I say reward yourself I’m not talking about hitting up Cold Stone every time you lose 5lb…but do something to recognize your accomplishments.

Also, Tell someone what you’re trying to do. Set up a support system. Mine Rocks!! It honestly helps to have a support system in place… You guys know who you are… thanks for keeping me accountable and in line…People want to help you. I am always here if anyone needs help, tips, motivation…whatever. I actually could talk about diet and exercise all day (ask the people who sit by me at work…think they get annoyed some days… but they still love me) You need to realize that you are worth it! You deserve to be healthy and happy!! Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day.. Tomorrow is a new day.. realize that and move on! Okay, I could seriously keep on going… but I will quit for now 🙂

So, let me just leave you with this thought… How cool would it be to look back at this time next year and say… I did it!?!?  I am healthier, stronger.. thinner (whatever the case may be…) We can this guys… We can!!! Trust me on this one.. I know 🙂

Happy New year Friends!

Thanks for reading my blog…and Go inspire someone!