Don’t judge meĀ 

In today’s episode of “what’s going on inside Tonya’s head”. 

Today I went for a walk… And here’s what came out of it.. Besides these lovely scenic shots of the Mississippi River:  

   In my job I get a chance to hear about the real struggles and hardships that people go through in life. Real stuff. Hard stuff. Life changing and world-turning upside down kind of stuff. Things I couldn’t imagine going through. It’s Teaching me a lot of things. One thing for sure is that I. Am. Blessed. No if’s, ands or butts about it. My life is pretty freakin spectacular. Yes, my job is stressful… And my life isn’t perfect. And I don’t always take the opportunity to realize that I am blessed. But I am. More recently I’m learning that everyone you meet has a story. You really have no idea what people are going through. People go through challenges and struggles and life can kick people around. Relationships crumble, jobs cause stress, bank accounts empty, things break down, people get sick/ hurt, we make mistake. Life happens. I don’t need to know exactly what people are going through to do my part in not making the situation worse. A simple smile can turn someone’s day around. It’s really the little things in life. Also you never know when it will be your last chance to make a difference in someone’s life. People come and go in your life… Take the opportunity to make their life a little better (guess what… It will makes yours better too!). 

Something else I’ve been thinking about recently is death. It’s true. Why? Because I thought I was going to lose my kitty. 

 Made me think.  You really never know when your last day will be. Why not make every moment and every interaction count. Be kind to people. Love unconditionally. Hug tighter. Laugh more. Life is simply too short and very precious. Ps. My kitty (Fat Cat, as I affectionate call him) is alright. 

Bottom line. Life isn’t always easy. I’m going to try not to add to the difficulty. Maybe smile at a stranger. Keep my attitude in check and choose joy. Is this easy? Nope! Because we are all fighting battles. We ALL go through crap! Am I perfect at it? Heck no! But I’m going to try…. I think it would be beneficial. I think this pretty much sums it up. 

Until next time. Be good to one another.  


It’s your choice

I feel like I have to start this blog with a disclaimer. I realize this is easier said than done. Trust me. I am writing this for all of us who struggle. I gotta be real honest. Life has been kinda sucky lately. Causing me lots of stupid stress. I try not to stress out… But it think it’s getting to me. I realize there are things going on that I have zero control over and that being stressed about it doesn’t do any good. However… Sometimes the brain goes crazy. Mine, probably more than some others. I kinda just wanna stay in bed all day… Or hop on the next plane out of this place! However, What I realized it this stress was causing me to be a crank-bucket. I don’t like being cranky. I would rather be happy. Here is what I realized… My crankiness and negativity was rubbing off on those around me. Was infesting my environment. Apologies to those who had to deal with the toxicity of this. The “cove of positivity” is no place for negativity! Today I woke up with a new attitude. I chose JOY. Man oh man did it change my day. Everything went better and the atmosphere seems better around me. Rainbows and sunshine if you will. Maybe your life in not turning out like you thought it would. Maybe you are in a situation that seems bleak and helpless. You can’t always control the circumstances but you can change your attitude about them. I stopped and looked around me at all the reasons I am blessed and quickly realized that my life could be worse… A LOT worse. I am way to blessed to be stressed and I know things will work out in the end. I may not see the plan… But freaking out isn’t going to be helpful. So. I am choosing joy. That being said if you see me not choosing joy… A gentle reminder might be needed. So… Not matter what is going on in your life. Choose joy!

Pintrest find! Figured it was appropriate!