2014…What an adventure!

I have been trying to figure out how to sum up the year that was 2014. And I really haven’t come up with a real good way to do that. The conclusion is… I am one blessed girl. I spent the year surrounded by friends and family who love and support me. Went on some amazing adventures with some pretty amazing people and had a blast doing so. I hit a goal that took me forever to do so. (And I will hit it again… Had a bit too much fun over the holidays). All I can really say is that I am having fun being me. Overall, life in 2014 was a bit roller coaster-y…but that’s life…. Right?!?! Gonna recap the year in a few of my favorite photos….

DSCN0619-0.JPG Lifelight with Rachel, Jen and Hali. This was our adventure at Falls Park!

DSCN0793.JPG the fam spent the day at the zoo. I love these people more than they will ever know!

DSCN0709.JPG discovered a new love of paddle boarding!!! So freaking fun!

IMG_0279.JPG totally crushed my 10k PR!

IMG_0316.JPG literally spent the day walking around HILLY Duluth Minnesota!

Welcomed this amazing lady into our crazy family!

Got a little muddy with some dirty girls….


Added to my “bestie” group with the addition of my newest littlest bestie Whitney. Got to spend some time (although never enough) with my Little bestie Brooklynn too. And their mom who has been my bestie the longest. Love them all!

Visited the Big Apple with my sister Jen. This is us in front of the FRIENDS building. k and i at Disney on ice

Auntie and Kiersten bonding day at Disney on Ice. So many memories!

I could keep on going. I have a bazzillon pictures…. And so much more. Thanks for taking this little journey down 2014 memory lane. Looking forward to an adventurous fun 20-FIT-teen! Make it a great year!


I am a what?!?!

This is something I have been thinking about for a really long time…
I have a lot of nicknames and been called a LOT of names throughout the years. Everything from “four eyes” to all the fat names: lazy, chubby, chunky… My oh so loving uncle called me *pleasantly plump* once… Some of my favorite names I get called are: girl, TJ, sunshine, angel, bestie… Among others…Because they were all given to me by people who call me these things with Love. Also often get called an overachiever, a rock star, a runner, a role model?!?! And recently… I got called an athlete… By two people who don’t even know me….me? Yes me! These names do not describe all of who I am….I am also… Daughter, sister, cousin, niece… Co-worker and friend. One of the best things I am is Auntie to 5 of the coolest kids on this planet. I am also… A bill collecter, babysitter, weight watchers leader… Etc.

The point of this is to make us all stop and think about who you are. You are more than your past..; more than your name.., more than a number on a scale. More than the job we have (the ones we even like). More than the bank accounts we have…. It’s really about the person you are on the inside that matters…

Here is Something my pastor says often “You always act like the person you believe yourself to be”.

Who do YOU believe YOU are?!?

Ps… I hope this makes sense.. Blogging on the stationary bike 😉