2017 Thankful List

SO. Once again I was reminded to write my “what is Tonya thankful for this year”  list. Reminder. This is TOTALLY RANDOM and IN NO PARTICULAR order…. This is purely a reminder of just how many things I am thankful for. The challenge is to come up with 100 things. SOOOO here it goes.

  1. My health (had a bunch of reminders this year to be thankful for my health)
  2. Sunsets
  3. sunrises. (however I am RARELY up early enough to see them, unless I am at work and then I don’t see them either)
  4. THE MOON.
  5. Bridges
  6. Words
  7. the couch of Awesome
  8. my TV remote
  9. my work friends
  10. my Mother.
  11. my crazy, energetic, busy Nephews (the tornado trio) and my entertaining Niece and nephew. and my newest nephew too! (this should really count as 6)
  12. people who know how to do things that I don’t
  13. running shoes
  14. people who save lives. IE. doctors, firefighters, EMT’s, nurses etc.
  15. babies
  16. photos
  17. vaccumm cleaners
  18. indoor plumbing
  19. music. today specifically Christmas music.
  20. pillows
  21. movies
  22. my cell phones
  23. pizza
  24. my apartment
  25. my foam roller
  26. my coworkers
  27. people who inspire me
  28. relationships
  29. rain
  30. people who annoy me
  31. vacations
  32. dreams
  33. ice cream
  34. my fitbit
  35. my high maintenance cat
  36. craft supplies. I don’t use them. but I am thankful for them
  37. blankets
  38. lakes
  39. rainbows
  40. oceans
  41. the color orange
  42. the internet
  43. my job
  44. facebook
  45. adoption
  46. love
  47. journals
  48. my siblings (all of them)
  49. my Aunts, Uncles and cousins (that’s more than 100 reasons to be thankful for right there.
  50. my high school years
  51. my college education
  52. my eyelashes
  53. humor
  54. positivity
  55. Christmas lights
  56. my car
  57. Jesus
  58. rollerblades
  59. running pants
  60. Christmas lights
  61. Cruise ships
  62. the ocean
  63. changing leaves
  64. mountains
  65. family traditions
  66. dancing
  67. joy
  68. bubbles
  69. Pumpkin spice…ummmm… everything
  70. Puns
  71. my friends
  72. inside jokes
  73. chocolate
  74. my journey
  75. my wonderful boyfriend
  76. Gilmore Girls
  77. smiles
  78. gum
  79. Cupcakes. Duh
  80. generosity
  81. my church family
  82. sunglasses
  83. headphones
  84. compassion
  85. giraffes
  86. people who are good at technology stuff
  87. hot hair balloons
  88. storage containers
  89. people who use their story to inspire others
  90. trains
  91. stars
  92. adventures
  93. running
  94. pillows
  95. HGTV
  96. fireplaces
  97. water
  98. Duluth MN
  99. my senses
  100. my memory

This list really could go ON and On and ON. But I am really thankful for this list itself. It makes me stop and think about what I am thankful for atleast once a year. I challenge you to do it to.


100 random things I’m thankful for

It’s that time of year again. Time to be thankful. Thinking it should be more than just one time a year. But I’m going to take a moment and be thankful. Here is this years non-inclusive random list of 100 things I’m thankful for. Of course is no particular order

  1. Sunshine 
  2. The hard days (they make me appreciate the good days even more 
  3. Laughing 
  4. My family (I would list them all but that would take up all of my hundred things) 
  5. The old guy who lives in my apartment building. He makes me have a different perspective on life. 
  6. Snowmen
  7. My cell phone (even though sometimes I need to remember to just put it down and be in the moment) 
  8. Trees
  9. Rain. Because it makes things grow
  10. My cozy spot
  11. Music
  12. Scentsy (makes the apartment smell good) 
  13. Role models
  14. Family
  15. Movies
  16. Date nights
  17. Really good customer service
  18. People who are good at and love their jobs 
  19. The color orange 
  20. Opportunities
  21. Blessings
  22. My gym shoes
  23. Gum
  24. The beach
  25. Airplanes 
  26. Books
  27. The TV show This is Us 
  28. Doctors
  29. Socks
  30. Chocolate
  31. My noise cancelling headphones
  32. My refrigerator 
  33. My pastors. All of them. Past, present and future. 
  34. Cupcakes!!! 
  35. Hoodies
  36. Bon fires
  37. Memories
  38. My friends
  39. People who believe in me and never give up on me. 
  40. Love
  41. Hugs. Even though I don’t always like them…. I’m starting to be thankful for them. 
  42. Blankets
  43. Cozy pants 
  44. All things pumpkin spice
  45. Fireplaces
  46. HGTV
  47. My cuddly diabetic cat
  48. Stand up paddle boards
  49. Snow. Especially if I don’t have to drive in it. It’s really quite pretty.
  50. Sunsets
  51. Mexico
  52. IKEA
  53. The Internet
  54. My glasses. Even though I would rather wear my contacts
  55. My running shoes 
  56. The seasons
  57. My new car. 
  58. School supplies
  59. My education
  60. The roof over my head
  61. The fact that in all reality my jeans still fit. 
  62. The air in my lungs 
  63. Children. They bring lots of joy into my life.
  64. The opportunity to influence people’s life’s 
  65. My job. As much as I complain about it. 
  66. Vacations
  67. Disney 
  68. Jesus. My lord and savior
  69. My DVR
  70. The Green Bay Packers
  71. People who told me I could never amount to anything. I like proving people wrong.
  72. The fact that everyday is a new opportunity 
  73. Hot tubs
  74. Stars
  75. Christmas
  76. My credit card
  77. Photos
  78. Artwork
  79. Free will
  80. People who do the jobs that I could NEVER do.
  81. The mountains
  82. Clouds on a sunny day
  83. Sunglasses
  84. People who see things differently than I do
  85. Games
  86. My coworkers
  87. The little things in life
  88. Target!!!!! 
  89. Facebook
  90. Ice cream
  91. People who “get” me
  92. Flowers
  93. The struggles
  94. Animals
  95. Rainbows
  96. Fall colors
  97. Adventure
  98. Competition
  99. People who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe
  100. And a special shout out to the boyfriend. I’m more and more thankful to him everyday. And I don’t know if I say it enough. 

100ish things that I am thankful for 

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on what we are thankful for. A few years back a friend of mine started listing 100 things she is thankful for every November. She has published her list… And it reminded me that I should do the same. I love this idea. Try it!

 So…. In no particular order… Here is Tonya’s 2015 thankful for list: 

  1. My family. They love me for who I am. And made me as crazy as I am. Love them!
  2. My coworkers. Most of them.
  3. Vacations!!! 🏝🌇
  4. My job. It pays for my vacations! 
  5. Running
  6. Running shoes
  7. Cupcakes
  8. My cell phone📱
  9. Social media
  11. my scrapbook room
  12. My nephews and my niece. Love them all: Parker, Carter, Kiersten, Hunter and Easton.
  13. My mother. My rock. My friend. 
  14. My siblings!
  15. 🎶🎶🎶Music. 🎶🎶🎶
  16. Coloring books
  17. Movies
  18. Treadmills. Even though sometimes I hate it!
  19. My health
  20. My scooter!
  21. Reset buttons. Sometimes the day just needs a do over. 
  22. Books📚
  23. Blogs
  24. Heartbeats
  25. Sunsets
  26. Beaches🏖
  27. Palm trees 🏝
  28. Water. Lakes, rivers, streams, oceans.
  29. H2O
  30. Thoughts
  31. Words
  32. Giggles
  33. Smiles😎
  34. Laughter
  35. My support system. You know who you are!
  36. Airplanes✈️
  37. My car. I want a new one but this one works for now…🚗
  38. My bank account. 💰
  39. My 401k. I remember fighting my mother that I didn’t want to do it. I am thankful that she pushed me to invest!
  40. Hairbrushes
  41. Children. They light up my life
  42. Meaningless silly conversations 
  43. Sweat
  44. Tickling 
  45. My brand new bed!!!🛌
  46. My five senses 
  47. Inside jokes
  48. My apartment 🏢
  49. Nicknames
  50. My wonderful boyfriend. He is kind of amazing.
  51. Naps!😴  
  52. Hoodies 
  53. Cuddling
  54. Bonfires🔥
  55. Rollerblades
  56. Sledding🌨
  57. Cookies🍪🍪
  58. Fat cat. 🐱
  59. Good days.
  60. Bad days. They make me appreciate the good days even more.
  61. Sunshine☀️
  62. Rainbows🌈
  63. Disney. 
  64. Races. 5k’s…. 10 k’s
  65. My creativity (sometimes)
  66. Spell check
  67. My faith✝
  68. Babies 
  69. Memories 
  70. Dancing💃🏻
  71. Hot tubs 
  72. Hugs 
  73. The seasons.
  74. Blankets
  75. Pillows
  76. Mountains🗻 
  77. Road trips🛣
  78. Chocolate 🍫
  79. Change
  80. My church⛪️
  81. Pictures📸
  82. The Green Bay packers 
  83. Umbrellas🌂
  84. Singing. And yes I know I can’t sing… But I do what I want to
  85. Trampolines
  86. Feeling like a kid
  87. Journaling📝
  88. Feelings
  89. Eye contact 👀
  90. Love ❤️
  91. Games🎲🎮🎳
  92. My randomness 
  93. People who refuse to give up on me
  94. Giraffes
  95. Alarm clocks 
  96. Pony tails
  97. Phone chargers
  98. Butterflies🐛
  99. The moon🌖
  100. Ice cream 🍨
  101. My fitbit and Nike plus app
  102. Pumpkin anything
  103. Holidays and traditions
  104. Hot showers
  105. Pizza 🍕
  106. Movie nights
  107. DVR
  108. Lotion 
  109. Jimmy Johns. Subway and extreme Pia
  110. The couch of awesome

Apparently I have an inability to count to 100. Really there are just so many things to be thankful for that I just couldn’t help myself. I did at one point read over the list and noticed cupcakes was on there twice. Lol. What can I say. 

Let’s be thankful

‘Twas the night before thanksgiving when all though biolife was a flurry of activity… When Tonya decided to write a little I am thankful for list. Enjoy the randomness of things I am thankful for. And maybe right your own while your at it. Disclaimer…. This list.. Like most of the thoughts in my head is in no particular order.

Life. Living, breathing… Existing. It’s pretty awesome right?!?!
Family. As crazy as y’all are.
My niece and 4 nephews! Thankful for each one of them!
Coworkers… Most of them anyways.
My body. Stronger and fitter than it has been. Ever.

My tennis shoes. Helps me get that stronger fitter me 🙂

Biolife. Saving lives and earning extra cash.
Jeans. I like jeans.
Music… All kinds!
My iPad, iPod and iPhone.
My jobs. All four of them.
Cardboard tubes (it really is the little things)
The color orange
Games and game nights
My scrapbook room
My support group. They say it takes a village and it really does!
My weight watchers people! They are so kind and amazing! I love them all.
Hair brushes
Movies…. And movie nights
This blog
The people who read this blog… Hey that’s you!
My education. Yeah. That’s a good one!
My cat. Love my fat cat.




Running. Transformed my body… And my life!

This is from the run I reference in my previous blog

My faith
My church
All the kids in my life
My cozy apartment
The bible
My pastors
Ice cream
Text messages
Inside jokes
The internet.
Patience. I wish I had some 😉
Silence…. Not always, but sometimes!
Lazy Sunday mornings
The Green Bay Packers
Running clothes
Contacts!! Not a fan of wearing glasses if I don’t have to!

And most important at this moment is that I am done donating plasma! Took over a half hour longer than usual. Talk about a test of patience! Happy thanksgiving. And make good choices… Or don’t and workout a little extra and get back in track the next day.