Life can be rough

Current location: sunny, very windy Cancun, Mexico. Vacation. Full disclosure: this girl lives for vacation. I dream about, plan, and work hard for vacations. 

Here is what happened today on my fabulous vacation. Wind. Making the Caribbean Sea VERY choppy. As the boyfriend and I played in the very rough waves a couple go thoughts crossed my mind. So I thought I would write about them. 

Life can be very rough (just like the sea)… How we handle the situation largely determines the outcome.
 Some days are rougher than others. Yesterday the waves were gentle and super fun. Not to say today wasn’t fun…. Just different. You can’t really judge one day by the last day. Don’t let the struggles of one day carry into the next. Wonder how much different life would be if we could just Let things Go and move on. Just a thought. 

The same circumstances are navigated differently by different people. The boyfriend is an entire foot taller than I am. He struggled less for that reason. He also weighs a little more than I do. You can not judge your experience based on someone else’s. This life is yours to live. Experience. Enjoy the ride. 

Don’t give up. Today it seriously felt like Tonya VS. the sea. And I felt like I was losing. Getting beat up. One wave felt like it slapped me straight in the face. However I was determined to not give up. The reward was totally worth it. As in life. Things that are worth it, don’t usually come easy. 

Surround yourself with people who have your back. Dave (that’s the boyfriend) saw me struggling a time or two. So he reached out and grabbed my hand. He even said “I’m going to just hang onto you, because if I don’t, you seem to float away.” I’ve found an important key in life is surrounding yourself with people who let you be yourself. But also call you out when you are not so much being yourself. Also keep you from danger (don’t let you drown) and don’t let you backslide. I am blessed to have a LOT of these people in my life. 

Sometimes we just need to take a break. Relax! It’s quite amazing how a break from your normal life can reset you. Makes you take some deep breaths. Stop, realize what is really important in life. Think on how blessed you are. Getting some space from the daily stresses of life= Good. 

Life is full of things to be afraid of. The sea is a very dangerous place. Those waves were very powerful. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. However, we can’t stop that from letting us live. Being in a foreign country were we don’t know the culture, the language, the customs… Could have stopped us from exploring, but it didn’t. Be safe. Have fun. But live life.

I love the sun, sun makes me extremely happy. Winter in Minnesota sucks for a lot of reasons, one of those reasons is lack of sun. However… Too much sun isn’t good either. Just ask parts of my body that got slightly red due to overexposer. Shade became our friend. Life is about finding balance. We can’t just always sit on the beach. Life is more than vacation, I guess. 

 Life can be rough… But it’s also a wonderful, magical, fantastic adventure. Embrace the ride.  

That’s all for now!


Some Things I learned in NYC

Just got back from the most magical trip to see New York City at Christmas time. No one does Christmas like New York City!
My sister Jen and I went to celebrate her golden birthday at the end of December.

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That’s her. With her birthday dessert (that we shared)

As I mentioned before I usually go into a vacation in panic mode. This time I made a clear decision not to panic. The reason behind the panic mode is always food/ lack of exercise related. My pre New York decision was to not freak out. Eat what I want to and not really worry about working out. I was/ am willing to deal with the consequences of these decisions. I decided it was one vacation. I can (actually I already have) get back on track. The same can be said for the holidays. It’s just a few days. If you made good choices most of the time… One holiday or vacation will not derail you. Don’t let them. My head is totally on the game… And I think that is what helped me to not freak out. Also came to the screeching realization once again that when I eat like crap… I feel like crap. I am on day two of my stomach protesting my NYC decisions. So, where my brain was okay with it all… My body isn’t happy with it. Too much cheesecake, French fries, pizza (that was totally worth it!)….


And the list goes on. One day I had one of those giant soft pretzels for lunch. It’s true. I am sure in each of these situations I coulda made better choices… But I was on vacation mode. I was under the “vacation calories don’t count philosophy” and was perfectly okay with that.

Bottom line. Cut yourself a break. Live a little. Have fun. But get back on track. Can’t be in vacation/ holiday mode forever. I made better choices the last two days and got in two work outs. This is a photo from today’s “little” run…


The plan was to NOT beat myself up…. But to get back to my normal lifestyle.

We can totally do this. Merry Christmas… Be blessed. And make wise decisions…. Figure out if something is worth spending calories on before you eat it. That’s my holiday challenge for ya. Let me know how it goes. And you don’t have to wait til January 1 to change your life….the time is now!


Oops.. I did it… Again.

Starting a blog with a Britney Spears song.. Really Ton?!? Yep! Got in a battle with sweets and lost. I know where I went wrong. No one shoved them down my throat… I made the choice. Was it worth it?!? Probably not. This used to happen to me A Lot! I used to beat myself up about it. Today I took the energy that would take to be mad at myself and am working out instead. I felt the need to write about it… Because I get people telling me all the time that I can’t eat things. Or I don’t. Saying that I have such good self control… Or I am on a diet. Etc. I chose to eat healthy most of the times,… But it’s not always easy. Sometimes I struggle and that’s okay. Sometimes I eat myself into a stomach ache and vow to never eat anything ever again. Sometimes I freak out and have a panic attack about going on vacation because I will be out of routine and I don’t want to be thrown way off course. Then I just need to remind myself that I GOT THIS! I have come too far to give up. It’s worth it. And the point of life is to live… And not be obsessed about food. I cannot go back and take back all those food choices. I DO have control over my attitude and my current actions. Will not let this snowball into the new week. Tomorrow is a brand new freakin day! I plan on rocking it! And when I am on vacation next week…. I will do my best to not have anxiety over my choices. I will trust myself and enjoy my vacation. Period 😉