100ish things that I am thankful for 

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on what we are thankful for. A few years back a friend of mine started listing 100 things she is thankful for every November. She has published her list… And it reminded me that I should do the same. I love this idea. Try it!

 So…. In no particular order… Here is Tonya’s 2015 thankful for list: 

  1. My family. They love me for who I am. And made me as crazy as I am. Love them!
  2. My coworkers. Most of them.
  3. Vacations!!! 🏝🌇
  4. My job. It pays for my vacations! 
  5. Running
  6. Running shoes
  7. Cupcakes
  8. My cell phone📱
  9. Social media
  11. my scrapbook room
  12. My nephews and my niece. Love them all: Parker, Carter, Kiersten, Hunter and Easton.
  13. My mother. My rock. My friend. 
  14. My siblings!
  15. 🎶🎶🎶Music. 🎶🎶🎶
  16. Coloring books
  17. Movies
  18. Treadmills. Even though sometimes I hate it!
  19. My health
  20. My scooter!
  21. Reset buttons. Sometimes the day just needs a do over. 
  22. Books📚
  23. Blogs
  24. Heartbeats
  25. Sunsets
  26. Beaches🏖
  27. Palm trees 🏝
  28. Water. Lakes, rivers, streams, oceans.
  29. H2O
  30. Thoughts
  31. Words
  32. Giggles
  33. Smiles😎
  34. Laughter
  35. My support system. You know who you are!
  36. Airplanes✈️
  37. My car. I want a new one but this one works for now…🚗
  38. My bank account. 💰
  39. My 401k. I remember fighting my mother that I didn’t want to do it. I am thankful that she pushed me to invest!
  40. Hairbrushes
  41. Children. They light up my life
  42. Meaningless silly conversations 
  43. Sweat
  44. Tickling 
  45. My brand new bed!!!🛌
  46. My five senses 
  47. Inside jokes
  48. My apartment 🏢
  49. Nicknames
  50. My wonderful boyfriend. He is kind of amazing.
  51. Naps!😴  
  52. Hoodies 
  53. Cuddling
  54. Bonfires🔥
  55. Rollerblades
  56. Sledding🌨
  57. Cookies🍪🍪
  58. Fat cat. 🐱
  59. Good days.
  60. Bad days. They make me appreciate the good days even more.
  61. Sunshine☀️
  62. Rainbows🌈
  63. Disney. 
  64. Races. 5k’s…. 10 k’s
  65. My creativity (sometimes)
  66. Spell check
  67. My faith✝
  68. Babies 
  69. Memories 
  70. Dancing💃🏻
  71. Hot tubs 
  72. Hugs 
  73. The seasons.
  74. Blankets
  75. Pillows
  76. Mountains🗻 
  77. Road trips🛣
  78. Chocolate 🍫
  79. Change
  80. My church⛪️
  81. Pictures📸
  82. The Green Bay packers 
  83. Umbrellas🌂
  84. Singing. And yes I know I can’t sing… But I do what I want to
  85. Trampolines
  86. Feeling like a kid
  87. Journaling📝
  88. Feelings
  89. Eye contact 👀
  90. Love ❤️
  91. Games🎲🎮🎳
  92. My randomness 
  93. People who refuse to give up on me
  94. Giraffes
  95. Alarm clocks 
  96. Pony tails
  97. Phone chargers
  98. Butterflies🐛
  99. The moon🌖
  100. Ice cream 🍨
  101. My fitbit and Nike plus app
  102. Pumpkin anything
  103. Holidays and traditions
  104. Hot showers
  105. Pizza 🍕
  106. Movie nights
  107. DVR
  108. Lotion 
  109. Jimmy Johns. Subway and extreme Pia
  110. The couch of awesome

Apparently I have an inability to count to 100. Really there are just so many things to be thankful for that I just couldn’t help myself. I did at one point read over the list and noticed cupcakes was on there twice. Lol. What can I say. 

What’s standing in your way?!?! 

What/ who is standing in the way of your dreams? You have goals… Dreams… Plans right?! What is standing in your way. 

Two things happened today that started me thinking. First a conversation with a guy at work about who your biggest competition is. For me it’s always been me. My biggest competition and the biggest thing standing in the way is me. Not having faith in myself. My Abilities. Just not believing it me. Strange wonderful things happen when you get get out of your own way. 
The second thing was I just tried to go workout and there was people in the workout room. Using the machine I wanted. Hmmm. Who’s standing in my way now? Trick question? Why am I letting them stop me from doing the things that get me closer to my goals? Is it just an easy way out of doing what I know I should be? Using it as a sign to take the night off? Silly right? There are people in your life that will standing your way. Whether they know it or not, whether intentional or not.  This isn’t just about working out. It’s about life. Pursuing your dreams. Achieving your goals. Go out there and get it. Don’t let anyone (even YOU) stand in your way. Time to go workout…. Maybe 😉